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Toega is a yoga activity that children in preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary grades will ask for again and again!

This fun game helps kids develop stability and balance, along with strength and flexibility in their feet, and mindfulness with the other children.

Enjoy these ways to play toega with your students!

What you need:

  • Plastic bowls
  • Pop poms

Toega games:

  • Keep it simple, and scatter a bunch of pom poms around the room. Have students collect the pom poms by gripping them with their toes and walking them to a bowl. They can collect them as a group to a central/shared bowl, or can each have their own bowl. No hands allowed!
  • For a balance challenge, have children keep their hands in Salutation Seal, either in front of them or behind their backs.
  • To add in a social challenge, have the kids work with a partner, but they must do it silently. Have them communicate about which color each will collect, which bowl they will bring their pom poms to, or if they will take turns.
  • Ask the kids for a fun twist that they would like to try – you never know what ideas they’ll introduce you to!

Wrap it up:

  • At the end of your game of toega, have all kids sit together in a circle with their feet touching, then stretch into Seated Forward Bend, as they put pom poms between their toes!
  • This will give the muscles and ligaments between the toes a really nice stretch to end the game.

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