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Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great

Bob Shea

When Unicorn moves to town, Goat feels bad about himself. Watch how this unlikely friendship forms!

Unicorn goes flying by – remember to do both sides!

Look up to the sky and catch a cupcake!

Remember to do both sides.

Unicorn has some serious prancing.

Twinkle fingers, and turn the stuff around you into shimmering gold.

Chomp chomp!

Tip side-to-side to cut yourself a slice of goat cheese pizza.

Separate your fingers to form cloven hooves.

Reach your hooves up to climb a mountain!

Look at this fantastic unicorn horn!

Use it to point at the donut you want or to catch a soccer ball.

Take a look around the room, and think about all the ways you can be an unstoppable team with your friends.

What makes you a magical and awesome friend? What makes your friends magical and awesome?

Let’s share with the group!

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