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Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt

Kate Messner

Explore the hidden wonders of a garden with themed yoga poses! Little yogis will love be up in the garden, and dig down in the dirt.

Stand and plan – your head is full of gardening dreams.

Lift your feet out of the mud.

Earthworms are busy stirring up the soil.

The pill bugs roll up tight, and roly poly around.

Wasps and honeybees buzz through the garden.

Rain shower!

Water from the hose splashes all around.

A long-legged spider walks around.

Grow your wings – a robin finds some tasty bug treats!

Send your skunk tail up to the sky, and dig through the garden – remember to do both sides.

Grow your grasshopper legs, then switch sides as you jump away from the snake!

Orange pumpkins grow nice and round.

Walk around, as ants gather and store food for the winter.

The bugs and worms all get ready to sleep, under the snow, down in the dirt.

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