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We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Michael Rosen

Keep bodies moving with active movement and yoga poses, all on a yoga mat! Children love the repeating verses and following along to this storyline.

Set off on a bear hunt!

Long wavy grass – arms and legs go swishy swashy!

Off on the bear hunt…

Swim through the river – arms and legs move – splash splosh!

Keep going on the bear hunt.

Thick, oozy mud – feet make the sound “squelch squerch!”

Go on the bear hunt…

A big dark forest – remember to do both sides!

Keep going on the bear hunt…

A swirling, whirling snow storm – say “hoooo wooo”!

Go on the bear hunt, then tiptoe into the cave.

FREEZE – it’s a bear!

For a challenge, retrace all of the poses on your way home.

Or simply:

Run up the stairs, then down the stairs, then back up the stairs!

Fall into bed.

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