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When the Leaf Blew In

Steve Metzger

Kids use animal yoga poses to help tell this silly story about when a leaf blows into a barn!

The cow sneezed, “AH-CHOO!”

Get down low, as spider lands on owl!

Owl swoops out of the barn – remember to do both sides.

Pig rocks back and forth in the mud.

Goat kicks over the bucket!

Arms spin round and round with chicken.

Neigh with horse!

Whoa – sheep leaps up and over your barrel!

Feet come together to form the pond, then tuck down as duck jumps in.

Frog hops onto a lily pad – give a leap!

Spread dragonfly wings out to the side, then BUZZ across the sky.

The dog woke up…

…then chased the squirrel!

Squirrel’s tail flies up to the sky – remember to do both sides.

Robin flies up into the tree – remember to do both sides.

Blow the leaf in.

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