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Whoosh! A Watery World of Wonderful Creatures

Marilyn Baillie

Travel the globe exploring various animals that live in the water!

Leap out of the sea – squeak, whistle, and click!

Race across lakes and ponds by walking around while holding this pose.

Silently raise and lower arms and watch the ripples in the water – remember to do both sides!

With a long tail stretched back and bent legs up front, take an alligator nap.

Remember to do both sides.

Gently rock back-and-forth to float in the chilly water.

Take a deep breath and breathe out through your blowhole – feel the fountain of spray!

Slip into an empty shell and settle in.

Clasp hands together and rock back-and-forth to make your elephant trunk. Feel the cool water spray!

Gently wiggle your stinging tentacles.

Slide and dive¬†into the sea – say “whee!”

Begin on the floor, still as a stone.

Now push up, and “CHOMP!” to catch dinner.

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